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The Uses for a BIM based CAFM System

The roles and responsibilities of today's facilities managers are complex and diverse, much like the facilities they manage.

With a CAFM system, many tasks and assignments can be completed more efficiently and more accurately.


Some uses for a BIM based CAFM system include:

*Managing Daily Plant Operations
*Gathering, Maintaining and Accessing Facility Information
*Establishing and Maintaining Design Standards
*Planning and Implementing Disaster Preparedness /
* Emergency Response and Recovery
*Property and Lease Management

Managing Daily Plant Operations
* Preventative and corrective maintenance scheduling
* Work order issue / scheduling / tracking
* Move order scheduling / tracking
* Way finding for visitors

Gathering, Maintaining and Accessing Facility Information
* Space inventory
* Space utilization
* Space needs forecasting
* Space allocation for reimbursement
* Space allocation by cost center
* As-built drawings
* Patient bed inventory (for example, licensed beds versus number of beds in service,
   number of beds in each nursing unit)
* Furniture and equipment management -- inventory, specification, depreciation, maintenance

Establishing and Maintaining Design Standards
* Building systems standards
* Interior finishes standards
* Graphic standards for project drawings (for example, drawing layers, symbols and format)

Planning and Implementing Disaster Preparedness / Emergency Response and Recovery
* Locations and contacts for contingency supplies, equipment and personnel
* Location of shutoffs
* Exit Plans
* Hazardous materials management

Property and Lease Management
* Track owned buildings and land uses
* Track leased spaces and occupancy rates
* Track lease options, expiration and renewal dates


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