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Selecting a CAFM System

Like most software packages today, you need to evaluate the product carefully, and see if it can meet your specific needs. We have analyzed various CAFM systems appropriate for, and suggest that you look for a package with the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs, and planned uses. In particular, you should look for a CAFM system with:

An "open" architecture (open means that the product is not proprietary and can use data from, or give data to, other applications)

A database that is dynamically linked to CAD drawings (so if a change in made in either place, it will be automatically reflected in the other)

Ease of customization for reports and databases, to meet your specific needs and use

A drawing platform that is widely accepted and used throughout the marketplace

Modularity, giving you the ability to start with a few tasks and existing data, and the ability to add additional tasks and more data as time and resources permit, and as the need develops

Long-term growth potential, and capable of adapting to changing needs

Vendor attentiveness (select a CAFM vendor that is willing and capable of listening to comments from customer users, and has modified the product accordingly)

Vendor support with knowledgeable staff for assistance with planning, implementation, training, customization, data migration, and on-going support

Vendor longevity (select a vendor with a good reputation, one that has been in the business for an appreciable time, and one with the management structure and resources to maintain their viability)

A reasonable price

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