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Life Safety and
Emergency Preparedness Plans


In today's world the safety of a facilities occupants has to be a priority.  Natural disasters, fire, and now, crimes against humanity, should be factored into all facility documentation.  These concerns can be satisfied with a complete and accurate Life Safety Plan.  Such plans should include emergency exit routes and signs, locations of all fire prevention equipment such as fire extinguishers, hydrants, fire sprinklers and gate valves, as well as locations of gas shut off valves where applicable.  Being able to accurately locate these systems during an emergency could prove to be an invaluable life-saving tool.

Finding someone who understands the seriousness of these disciplines can be a challenge in its self.  ADS has a proven track record in providing detailed, accurate as-built record drawings that will serve as the foundation of your Life Safety Plan.   Due to the accuracy of these drawings, placement of all life safety symbols such as fire extinguishers, hydrants, gate valves, natural gas shut off valves ect. can be placed in their exact locations.  Such information is absolutely critical during emergencies.

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