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ADS LASERCAD Inc. in business in Tampa since 1995 has developed an innovative and accurate procedure to survey and generate detailed CAD Record drawings (in the field).

which are essential for use as “Base Drawings” utilized by Architects and Engineers on a wide range of Renovation & Addition projects. Our training has come up through the ranks, having worked

under the direct supervision of Tampa's finest Architects and Engineers. Our initial projects consisted of small commercial bank branches such as First Union Bank Branches and Bank of America Branches facilitating renovation needs. The size and scope of our projects continued to increase to First Union and Bank of America Headquarter Facilities, Sporting Arenas, Educational Institutions, Medical Facilities, Airport Terminals, Airside Terminals and other Airport related Support Facilities. Since 1995 we have successfully documented

over 2,000,000sf of Aviation, Commercial, Medical, Educational and Industrial space.


Our Doing what we do best will allow you to spend more of your valuable time and resources on what you do best with the confidence that you are working with professionals that

will supply you with drawings that are a true representation of existing conditions and whose accuracy is uncompromised. Mr. Donald M. Farmer Jr. (President/CAD Management & Survey Expert) along with his associates combined have over 20 years experience in Architectural, MEP & Fire Protection field survey and AutoCAD record drawing generation.


The “Pre-Design” building survey is also a Reimbursable Additional Service in the same way that a required site survey would be. These drawings  are as necessary as the site survey in the completion of a successful, properly prepared project.


ADS’s specially trained field technicians will measure all accessible systems within the facility. While on site, ADS’s unique LASERCAD System creates exact, to scale, laser-accurate electronic plans. 


These plans clearly and accurately represent the Architectural/Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire protection, and Security systems of the facility. Plans are provided in fully scaled plots and in the current Autocad drawing format on CD-ROM (FULLY LAYERED, NOT DXF FORMAT OR GENERIC CONVERSIONS), or in a format compatible to your computer system’s requirements.


But we don't Stop there!!


ADS, Inc. will also receive the final CAD Construction Documents and coordinate a schedule with the contractor to update the CAD drawings to provide a Final AS-BUILT product that is accurate

and in a format that may be maintained and updated by the Owner and Facility Manager. This will give them a very valuable tool necessary for all future Building Maintenance and Renovation work.


Contact Us

Mail                    Donald Farmer-LaserCAD Specialist   Don@adslasercad.com
Richard Sanford-LaserCAD Specialist   Rsanford@comcast.net


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