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*Electronic Drawing Maintenance

*A.D.A. Compliance Drawings
*Management Tenant Tracking
*Appraisal Drawings
*Building Systems Maintenance Scheduling
* Insurance Drawings
*Fire Protection
*Tax Assessment Appeals
*Sale/Rental Brochures


Electronic Drawing Maintenance
As building architecture and systems evolve, it is crucial to maintain your CAD drawing files just as you maintain the facility. ADS will not only archive all drawings, but will also provide drawing management and maintenance services. Plans can be maintained by periodically revisiting the site and updating the CAD drawings to reflect any Architectural or building systems changes. ADS is also able to coordinate the Master Drawing Files with Architects and Engineers who conduct subsequent projects at the facility to maintain the standards, structure and integrity of the Master Drawing Files. These procedures will maintain the data that can be used to take advantage of electronic facilities management systems that will greatly improve the efficiency of managing the architecture and building systems.

Management Tenant Tracking

          Facilities Managers will have at their disposal highly detailed drawings of individual tenant areas separated from the building’s overall floor plan. This will eliminate discrepancies concerning leas-able square footage and serve to promote good faith between Owner and Tenants. LASERCAD building surveys have exposed valuable square footage that has been overlooked do to inaccurate calculations. The advantage is thorough and simple record keeping, constantly updated and current. Each tenant space can be presented in 8 ˝ x 11 format for convenient access and filing.

Building Systems Maintenance Scheduling

The building systems and equipment can be documented and monitored electronically for tracking regularly scheduled maintenance, repair and replacement. The electronic drawings can be integrated with popular facilities management software package to automate maintenance and inventory.

Fire Protection
Local fire departments often require clear, accurate diagrams denoting the locations of fire exits and fire fighting equipment in all commercial buildings.  Providing this type of plan details after the ADS initial drawings are complete is an easy task for our unique LASERCAD system.  Floor plans retained on file with local fire departments enhance the fire fighter's ability to safely negotiate dark and smoke filled areas while in pursuit of minimizing damage and saving lives.


A.D.A. Compliance Drawings
Scaled dimensions of existing washroom facilities, doorways, stairs, ramps, etc. will clearly identify compliance or deficiencies with regard to the Americans With Disabilities Act (A.D.A.)


Appraisal Drawings

            Providing an ADS record drawing to the appraiser may very well enhance the value of your property by demonstrating additional pertinent features and details that could possibly be overlooked.


Insurance Drawings

           Rising costs of insurance demand careful attention to facility size and configuration. Reduce the possibilities of being over or under insured due to inaccurate area measurement. With ADS‘s accurate floor and systems plan on record, you are assured a fair assessment for the replacement of your structure due to damage or loss.


Tax Assessment Appeals

The area calculations provided by ADS can serve as a comparison to records used by county property tax assessors. Structures measured by ADS showing less area than county records reflect may be used during the appeal process.


Sale/Rental Brochures

           The ultimate goal of real estate marketing material is to convey the proposed property’s details in a factual and enticing manner while making a lasting impression. Floor plans not only refresh the client’s memory of a previous viewing, but also allows them to conceptualize their occupancy of the proposed space or building. ADS can also generate proposed tenant configurations using the verified record drawing, this will help the prospective tenant visualize their space.


Attractive Marketing Drawings
ADS’s attractive computer generated drawings provide you with a floor plan that is a clear and effective way to assist in marketing your property to prospective tenants. The letter size drawings enable you to discuss size and area configurations on site or by long distance via fax  transmissions. Special visual effects such as your organization’s logos and trademarks may be computer scanned by ADS and added to your drawings for personal identification.

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