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Pre-Design Surveys for Architects, Engineers & Contractors

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Vice President
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Vice President
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Professional approaches to:
Renovation Projects & New Projects

A Pre-Design Survey provides the architect with a professionally verified base drawing by which to start the schematic design process.

More valuable time can be spent on the design process rather than field verification and the CAD data collection process. 

This insures the integrity of the CAD drawings accuracy from the schematic design phase through to the final delivered CAD As-Built.

New Construction Projects

ADS joins the project team as a the vehicle which will translate the contractors red-lined construction documents back into CAD As-Built record drawings.

How do we do it?
We take the architects electronic drawings and through constant collaboration with the contractor, we update those drawings to reflect the actual construction in real-time.

The result?
Final deliverable to the owner is an accurate CAD documentation suitable for Computer Aided Facilities Management, which when properly maintained, will provide an invaluable property management tool for the life of the facility.

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